Our capabilities, one of our strenght

Steel Products

  • 3,000 tons. flat products in stock
  • 5,000 tons. permanent stock of steel

High Definition Plasma

Automatic Exchanger for 5 or drill

High-precision measurement positioning system caliper body double Thicknesses 6-90mm

Oxicorte Cutting

Thickness 2-250mm

Dimension 3000mm

Maximum width dimension maximum length 12.000mm

Robot notching

Area 1,200 x 500mm working Notching profiles H, U, I, L, tubes and sheets plasma cutting process high definition

Sierra cutting

Cutting tool 1,100 x 650 mm width

Possibilities straight cut and Miter: -45 / + 60 °

Drill Workspace

1,300 x 50 mm

8-40 mm diameter drill rods

Maximum length 20.000mm

Heat Treatment

Oven Parts 30m3 gas capacity

Fully computerized control system

Shotblasting and Painting



1 induction oven  5,000 Kg

2 induction oven 2,500 Kg

1 induction oven 1,000 Kg


Boxes: maximum 5,000 x 3,000

Specks: 1,500 x 1,000

Moat 7,000 x 5,000

Surface finish with steel shot, Grit antioxidant and part painting sand or anti-rust primer



6 Baths. Max:1.500×6.000mm


Circular bath 1,300 mm x 6,500 mm

Square bath 2.000×2.000×4.400


& Baths. Max: 1.500 x 4.400mm

Large pieces 3-4 m, maximum 6 m.

Welding and hardfacing

  • 4 columns of SAW 6x6mm
  • 1 SAW column 3x3mm
  • 1 SAW column 5x4mm
  • 6 seats MIG, 2 of them to recharge swing
  • 2 teams with automatic TIG hot / cold thread
  • 8 teams SMAW welding
  • 1 source plasma welding


6 horizontal lathes Ø Distance between 6.500mm 2.000m

Maximum Vertical lathe turning table Ø 4000mm 3000mm

Maximum height 2,200 mm

4 turning Boring bar Ø 130mm to 1,600 mm Z movement. Movement X up to 4,000 mm to 3,000 mm movement and turntable 20 tons.

3 Boring bar Ø 180 mm to 16,000 mm Movement Movement X Z up to 3,500 mm. And up to 5,000 mm Movement Movement V up to 3,000 mm to 1,000 mm W Movement turntable 50 tons.

6 Milling

Maximum table dimensions 13,000 x 2,000 x 300 mm

Longitudinal movement up to 12,000 mm

Transverse movement up to 1,500 mm

Vertical movement up to 3000 mm

Slotting table dimensions 800 x 380 mm longitudinal movement 550 mm transverse movement 290mm

Vertical motion 300 mm

Drill column drill bit diameter 40 mm useful height 950 mm

Boiler Making

Lifting elements Cranes up to 50 tons

Hoists from 1,000 to 2,000 kg.

Hacksaw maximum Ø 450 mm

Cutting sheet metal bending roller 30mm thickness. 3 m long. Shearing of 3 m.

Press hydraulic press brake. Power up to 550 tons.

Automatic threader and hydraulics. Slotting.

Semiautomatic Sierra.

Radial drill 1.5m. flag.

Exterior grinding machine Ø400 × 2000 machines MIG MAG TIG welding power. Plasma cutting machine. Dry paint booth filters. Mobile cutting equipment plasma treated stainless steel cylinder, length 3000 mm Orbital welding equipment Groups of manual welding and semi-automatic (TIG, GMAW, SMAW) welding electrodosEquipos Stoves CC